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Ontario, Canada

So deep. What Sarah did was deep on my body, mind and soul. There were a lot of negative feelings and entities being gathered under my life traumas that she cleansed. While she was working, I cried and felt goosebumps sometimes. I laughed at the end feeling great and lightheaded; like just coming out of a long hot bath! Or feeling drunk without alcohol as Rumi said.
However, I mostly understood the depth of her work after our session when I went into a period of raw veganism, more healing, more intuitions and opening up new spiritual paths. It was like a quantum shift happened.

Sheryl Amore


I had an excellent session with Sarah. I explained my spiritual growth to Sarah, i.e. my soul is Venusian and where I was stuck. She connected to me to the Venusian temple and the Oracle. The Oracle and I have met in the past and recently. I described our encounters and he/she confirmed those encounters and that I wasn’t ready for a deeper connection then and it’s now my time. The connection process to Venus made me giggle - I felt like I was levitating. A new doorway has opened and I’m able to move forward again. Sarah also advised me on my husband’s health and made some recommendations. Sarah walks her talk, sincere and spiritually gifted....much love!


British Columbia

Thank you so much Sarah, from the bottom of my heart. I am forever grateful that you would take the time to clear my energetic blockages. I felt pure light from the moon cleansing me and rebalancing my life.
I am honoured and blessed in this moment. I appreciate that you gave me this opportunity at this perfect time to help me on my journey. All the moments lead up to this. I could feel the light radiating into my crown chakra and rebalancing my energy systems. My third eye felt connected and all the negativity and debris freed.
I had been unable to do this on my own. I have been trying to study mindfulness, meditation and this competed my practice. Big and small, this was a blessing. The seasons changing and getting colder but this warmed my soul.
If there is any chance to learn from you in the future, I would appreciate any opportunity.
Hoping to make some major moves in the future. For now resting. My mind, body and spirit cleansed.

Brigitte Quick

Sarah, I wanted to thank you so much for our session the other day. With your help it was such a profound experience to actually make contact with the Interdimensional Councils. The energy that they transmitted was so powerful high frequency and beautiful.
It’s always been my dream to be able to connect to the divine and benevolent beings and to be able to raise my frequency up so I can help others and this beautiful planet. Your teachings and work with me are inspiring me to do everything I can to heal so I can achieve this.
Your teachings and this type of contact is inspiring me to do everything I can to heal and raise my vibration so I can be more of service too.
Thank you for helping me and for all you’re amazing work. You are a true inspiration.

Brianna Johnston

Morro Bay, California

I just received a face to face healing session from Sarah here up in beautiful Mount Shasta during the, “Meet the Venusian Summer Conference” and it was much needed personal information I received. She was able to see that I did not have an entity attachments which I was concerned about from a unhealthy relationship and past addiction issues. She tuned into my physical body and did see that I had severe heavy metal toxins and that my liver is extremely overwhelmed. She asked me if I have anxiety issues which is something that I have had my whole life. She gave me an 8 day liver reset regimen as well as a detox schedule to follow that was custom to what my guides and she felt.<
Sarah was able to tune into my daughter to tell me she talks to angels and that I have a lot of angels that surround me which she said was quite lovely.
I also received information I needed about people in my life and my ascension process. All in all I got the answers I needed to clean out my body so I can ascend properly and live a multi-dimensional being.
She was kind, caring, and highly intuitive.</span></p>
A session with Sarah will help you dial in exactly what YOU need, which is key in your own journey.
I have followed her channel and page for 5 years now and meeting her was a big turning point in my life.
Thank you to Sarah and her team!

Jules S

Working with Sarah R. Adams has changed my life. I have had several sessions of a package with Sarah, and it is the greatest investment I have ever made. I see myself like an onion; layers and layers and layers of issues (and they bring tears to my eyes!) My body as it relates to health issues; my life as it relates to the spiritual and metaphysical; my family and ancestry that is full of terrible abuses and trauma. Honestly, I was a hot mess when I first started working with Sarah! I am definitely a work in progress and have a ways to go, but the healing that has taken place in my life because of Sarah is nothing short of amazing.
Sarah is one of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet. She is also a total badass. She meets you where you are, in whatever stage of life and development you are in, with no judgement; only kindness. She uses her extraordinary abilities to assist you with healing on every level, but also gives you tools to help yourself. She also faces things like black magic and the demonic head-on with fearlessness and utter resolve, and she prevails. She is a fierce defender of the persecuted and wounded, and is someone you want to have on your side.
She energetically clears out negative issues in your body and system. Some people are skeptical about something like this saying it’s hard to prove. For me, I can feel and sometimes “see” what she’s doing as she does them. But there is also proof in the results. For example, in one session she told me she was going to work on my bones. As I sat in silence, within a few moments my nose crackled a few times. This has never happened before or since. The background (of which Sarah was unaware), is I had had nose reconstruction surgery 1.5 years ago. Since that session with her, my ability to breathe was improved; it was like the passageway was opened further. Another time, Sarah worked on my DNA and general system. The next morning a persistent wound on my foot was completely closed and healed up. I was stunned! (And most grateful!)
As I mentioned before, she also is absolutely fearless when it comes to facing the darker aspects. I am a complete weenie and was just amazed at her courage and abilities! She was able to break a family curse (we both felt the shift when it was broken); she was also able to break some very serious blood black magic that was done against me, and take care of a very persistent demonic presence that has since stopped affecting me. I have been looking for help for over 20 years for those issues and Sarah was able to clear away within an hour. That alone has changed my life! I actually consider May 9 as a new “birthday” because that session ended one kind of life and opened up a whole new one for me.
The improvement to my health has been profound, as well. I have been to several doctors who have been unable to really diagnose my issues outside of “Fibromyalgia” (which is a fancy name for “we don’t know what’s happening to you”), as well as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). After watching her videos about juicing and detoxing two years ago, I started juicing daily and my liver numbers went to normal! After this I started sessions with Sarah. With her guidance and the guidance that comes through her, I have been on a detox journey that has improved my health from the brink of being disabled to being more active and my brain-fog reducing significantly. (My memory is back!)
Another amazing occurrence is that with all of the detoxing and the things she is teaching me, my own abilities have strengthened at a rapid rate. My meditations have taken me to extraordinary places, and I’ve met beings and entities and had profound interactions with them. I’ve always been able to “see” and “hear” spirits, and been able to energy work on others but it was limited. I always recognized I needed teaching so I didn’t get myself into trouble (which is easy to do without the proper guidance!) She has been very kind in helping me understand some of what I was seeing, and also giving me tools to be safe in those journeys and encounters. From this I have been able to help others, as well.
We have worked on healing my ancestral lineage. This work has already had a profound effect on my family (those who lash out are calmer, for example), and I have felt the shift from such darkness from generations of abject abuse and subsequent trauma and repeating said abuse, to feeling more peaceful. I know this work will affect generations to come, as well. When these shifts occur, the DNA is healed and the effects of the traumas will be lessened if not entirely removed.
Part of my issues is dealing with PTSD which stems from lifelong abuse (starting from childhood; parental, severe bullying in school, and severe domestic violence from my ex-husband, as well as the aforementioned generational trauma). When the most recent session began (just yesterday), I was in the midst of a PTSD episode. I was not even aware of it at the time until hours later (it happens that way sometimes). I had been crying for 45 mins. when she called in. I was only able to explain to her that I had been crying and I couldn’t really think straight. She got to work clearing my emotions. At one point she told me strong emotions were continuing to come up, and that she would keep working on me (again, she did not know it was a flashback). After a bit she was finally able clear it. I was in full swing and she was able to clear all of that out! It often takes hours for me to come out of it when it’s a bad episode. She then said she was being guided to work on my heart (which made sense; my heart often hurts while having an episode). After that, she taught me how to rise up and out of those depths by climbing to higher dimensions. We traveled past the 14th dimension. There I felt peace and was able to continue to work on healing for hours after our session ended. Even as I write this, the next morning, I’m still feeling peace and calmness.
The effects of what Sarah is doing is exponential. This is absolutely profound work that is being done; all of it. Everything I’ve mentioned will have an effect not just on me, my immediate and future family, but will resonate outward. Everything is connected so as I heal, and my family heals, the world will be assisted in healing.
To anyone who doesn’t feel like you “fit” in this world; have had some unusual experiences and can’t figure them out; would like to learn how do work within the metaphysical; or would just like to improve your health, I would highly encourage working with Sarah. I am deeply grateful to Sarah and I look forward to continuing to work with her. Sarah, if you ever have any doubts that what you are doing is important, please know your work is changing lives. My family will know your name for generations. Thank you from my heart. You are an absolute blessing to me and to the world.

Vanessa Meza


Ever since I first saw Sarah, which was only a few months ago on&nbsp;Gaia, I was inspired to take all of the positive knowledge that I had learned throughout my life and finally start to apply it. Meeting Sarah was a positive turning point in my life. It has inspired me to embrace my divinity entirely.
I have started to completely change my lifestyle for the healthier, even do things that I had never done before. All of this because Sarah touched a part of my soul, that reached deep within my subconscious and my higher self, in order to help me to grow and in turn help others as well.

I hope Sarah inspires many many more so that we can all become more united in our quest to become more peaceful and bring positive timelines into mother gaia right now! Thank you Sarah for reminding me of my inner power! I cannot wait until we have another session 💓 also, I loveeee Despark! Ever since I took the first 8 drops, I was in heaven!
Thank you for everything! I love what you do to help us evolve. 🙏🏼🌻🌼💓 I support you 100%.


So deep. What Sarah did was deep on my body, mind and soul. There were a lot of negative feelings and entities being gathered under my life traumas that she cleansed. While she was working, I cried and felt goosebumps sometimes. I laughed at the end feeling great and lightheaded; like just coming out of a long hot bath! Or feeling drunk without alcohol as Rumi said.
However, I mostly understood the depth of her work after our session when I went into a period of raw veganism, more healing, more intuitions and opening up new spiritual paths. It was like a quantum shift happened.

K Liberty

Sarah has helped me immensely. I was near death when I had my first session with her, from extended length spiritual attack. I am now a lot stronger, still healing and working with Sarah to do so, but I seriously owe my life to this angel. Thank you Sarah for all that you do! I recommend her to anyone who suffers from unique spiritual experiences and run-ins with the dark especially! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Ken Lloyd


WOW - What an intense multidimensional session with Sarah. I am half way through the training and have never felt energy coursing through my body like this. Three days later I still have 'tingles' everywhere. See, I am just like many folks who try, try and try again and never understand why I don't get the spiritual results I am searching for.
Sarah nailed it right from the start. My body needs to heal and detox. Without this process I would never even get close to my dreams. I am four months into healthy living and 6 weeks into heavy metal detox (without cheating). This session was the most amazing ever as Sarah opened a Stargate and brought through an energy being to assist me and accelerate the healing and detox. For those of you reading 'Stargate' and 'energy being' and have disbelief.. Imagine feeling pulses of energy (just like goose pimples, but 10x stronger and everywhere in the body) so intense it lifts you out of the chair.. over and over and over... There is absolutely no doubt or even room for disbelief when you feel something so intense, something so full of love who has come to raise your vibration. Again... WOW!
Let's get this straight. The detox Sarah will put you on is not a 'fad' and it certainly isn't a 'cookie cutter' recipe that every client gets. She connects to your energy and provides explicit instructions on exactly what you need. In my case, I am now about 50% detox of the heavy metals and it was time for the liver detox. 24 hour process with fasting and BOOM! results the next day.
Sarah is genuine, full of love and cares deeply about the well being of her clients. If your reading this, your already considering a session. Let this testimonial be the one that moves you forward.

Sarah C

London, UK

Sarah is incredible at what she does, she has the ability to really tune into you during a session and knows exactly what you need. My most recent session involved working with a light being that Sarah called in on my behalf, although I couldn’t see anything I could certainly feel it. This energy went ahead and worked on my areas of concern, known and unknown to me; I went from elated giggling to sadness and crying as I released what needed to be released.
Sarah is gentle and kind, I feel that even though I voice my areas of concern to her, I needn’t worry that I’m not explaining things properly or that I’m missing anything out as I feel she intuitively knows what to do, I trust her fully and feel excited by the progress I’m already making with her and I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come.


San Francisco

Today, during my session with Sarah I had the most extraordinary experience. I met the Arcturian guide that was standing in front of me.&nbsp;&nbsp;When I saw him, I start laughing with joy, was so happy to see him. He was very tall and skinny, green and radiated a very bright golden light.
Sarah facilitated this encounter by holding the space for us to meet and receiving healing from him. When he was healing me, my body melted into the chair, almost like I was out of control of what was happening, but it felt really good and peaceful. It was a fantastic experience that I would like to continue to experience on a regular basis.
Thank you Sarah for facilitating this experience. You are fantastic!



My whole life has shifted because of your compassionate guidance Sarah.
I always feel at home with you and never leave an appointment without feeling more relaxed, hopeful and ready for the next phase. You make me realize my true potential and guide my soul in a way that I feel we pre-planned this divine intervention if needed before this life.
I don’t understand it all fully but have no fear when I think about having you in my corner. Thank you for all you do to invest in me. Even when I’m down I swear you’ll post something relevant in that moment and I’m always so grateful. It just proves that you’re always working on all dimensions for your clients.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.&nbsp;💜&nbsp;Can’t wait for our next session.
I hope you know how loved and appreciated you are by me every single day!



It is a pleasure to work with Sarah; It is early days yet but from the first appointment to the second one I felt so much better.
I have been shown techniques to heal specific issues that surround me from past life trauma to current physical issues.
I have already been talked through a multidimensional journey where I met and communicated with a multidimensional being.
I am excited to see where we go from here.

Aaron Israel


I intuitively knew that connecting with Sarah is an amazing choice to make. There is a special kind of energy that Sarah gives. Sarah shows interest and for the questions I had to ask she had explanations. Her abilities are beyond expectation along with her in-sites.
Since my first internal experiences, I've had life transitions internally and externally. Things only got better in my life, I started to feel more at peace with myself and have since been able to be more in a flow state. I have been empowered both by direct contact and following Sarah's Facebook posts.
And can recommend to anybody if you have anything to resolve, have trust and use this opportunity to transform your life. Secretly even my flat mate has felt the ripples of change with out even knowing. My energy is up.
Hope to connect some time in the future. Highly recommended to anybody.

Chelsey Howard


My name is Chelsey Howard I am from Lansing area, Michigan.
I just have to say I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with Sarah R Adams.
I have had a few sessions with her. I feel it’s hard to put into words how much impact she has had in my life. With Sarah’s guidance in my spiritual journey, I have been able to develop and grow more than I feel I would have on my own.
Her abilities and gifts I feel are so pure and loving. I am so honoured to be able to work with such a wonderful person.
She has changed my life forever! Thank you Sarah!! 💕 looking forward to continuing our work together. 😊


New York

I have been working with Sarah for a little over a year now, and it has been the best decision I have ever made!
Sarah has been an imperative guide who has helped me to progress to my highest potential.
She has helped me to awaken and this has changed my life forever!
I experienced a Kundalini Awakening on my very first session with her.
I experienced my first ever Lucid Dream.
I have opened my Third Eye.
I have been visited by the presence of an Angel.
These are just a few examples of the mind-blowing experiences I have had while working with Sarah.
This is in my opinion the best form of self-love and self-care that you can obtain.
A massage or day at the spa is great relief for that moment or for that day - but this will change you indefinitely.
I highly recommend you take the leap of faith and do this important act for yourself.
Sarah can help you heal &amp; to advance to your highest potential.
I firmly believe she is a true gift to us all and is here to help humanity to advance to its higher purpose.
I am honoured to call her my friend and spiritual guide
She is a beacon of love and light!
Working with Sarah has changed my life and I am confident she will change yours too.


Naples, Florida

A random decision to have a session with Sarah has answered so many question's that involve so many area's of my life and cleared the pathway so I can finally grow energetically.
My story is probably like most. I have spent over a year attempting to meditate with no results. While I could quiet my mind, I wasn't growing energetically nor was I able to connect to receive higher knowledge. Video after video, book after book and blog after blog. I was searching and trying every method and modality to break through and grow; nothing worked. I visited many mediums, psychic's and energy intuitives and while every session was positive with information (I learned more about myself every-time), none of them could tell me why I was not growing.
A single 60 minute telephone session changed everything. In short, I had multiple energetic blockages that were intentionally preventing me from raising my vibration. These blockages along with various other emotional and health blockages were discovered and she quickly went to work removing them.
What is truly amazing is I spoke her 12 hours before a second QHHT session that turned out to be one of the most amazing sessions my practitioner had ever witnessed. Without Sarah, I would still be wandering aimlessly looking for help.
You are an amazing soul Sarah; don't ever stop what your doing.



Sitting at my lunch break after my yesterday's session with Sarah. I can't stop smiling.
It was the last of the 12 sessions pack. It finished at 9 p.m. and I could not sleep until 3 a.m. Energetic digestion I guess. I am sitting and smiling as I feel touched and loved.
My journey with Sarah brought me joy, lightness (literally - thanks to her I am on Keto for three months now) and so much love. I can feel that I am IN LOVE. All the time (almost ;-)
Sarah does not only help you with your challenges on energetic and physical levels. More importantly, she empowers you to use her techniques on your own to heal and grow spiritually and otherwise.
And if you are lucky, you might just get a wonderful cooking class with Sarah in your dream. Two nights ago we were adding love as one of the ingredients for pancakes.. Yumm!!!!!
Thank you Sarah. It was an honor and privilege to work with you. Much love and light!


Yosemite, CA

I had a reading wherein Sarah scanned my body. She facilitated healing energy. I decided to contact her due to a visit from a now not frequent visitor - depression. Depression used to be a regular companion in my life but now it’s rare so I definitely don’t/can’t ignore it. I had the sense that these thoughts (self-destructive and a sense of sad futility) were not originating from me but that awareness didn’t make the depression pleasant.
After making the appointment I had the distinct sense Sarah was already energetically helping me and soon after (the next day, as I recall) I felt the darkness had left. Mind you, my actual session wouldn’t occur for about another ten days. I have had this experience with another healer with whom I usually contact: that healer working on the issue before the actual session. I’m not sure if the healer is even consciously aware of this - or, if it matters. It seems to illustrate that there’s no time, when we decide to heal, time is irrelevant and once I energetically compensated and thanked (by paying) and agreed to heal (made the appointment) it started to happen.
The universe seems to only vividly aid us when we’re decisive. When we are wishy washy it hasn’t a clue how to assist. The actual session was via the phone and very soothing and apparent as I felt palpable shifts. She verbalized and clarified the external depression trigger. It wasn’t originating from me! Our interior and energy systems have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Just like cleaning our house - taking a shower. it is never a one and done thing. I am so grateful for all the beautiful, brave, and radically powerful information she is constantly giving us.
Thank you for the lovely session. The full moon coinciding was cool!
I promise I won’t keep adding stuff to my review but I feel excited to share that yesterday and especially today I’ve noted an extraordinary lightness and a joy to my being. It’s like a layer of heaviness and gruffness has entirely vanished. My understanding is besides working on my organs, Sarah essentially removed an entity and my energy chord to this person who is a relative and an addict. I truly feel different and softer and lighter. So much gratitude! Thank you!


New York

I had a very healing reading with Sarah. She was able to read my aura and target where I needed the most energy. She helped me to see the colour my heart chakra needed at that moment.
I could feel energy shifting from lack to abundance. It has now been three days since my reading and I still feel her energy at work. Last night I could feel her blessing my progress. For that I am grateful.
Thank you Sarah, you are a true help to humanity!


Geneva, Switzerland

I am a type 1 diabetic. The traditional medicine tells me that I could never heal. I started looking for alternative ways to deal with my condition.
After only three sessions with Sarah, combined with my daily (almost ;-) energetic work and drinking super food smoothies, something changed (I made no changes in my diet). I saw my sugar levels drop dramatically, to the point that I decided to stop my base insulin.
I am not healed yet and watching my sugar levels closely, but I am seriously impressed with what happened over the past two months and look forward to my future sessions with Sarah!



I had an amazing session with Sarah. She is truly great at what she does. She is a very intuitive and powerful healer with much spiritual knowledge, working quickly with different entities to understand your situation if you are need.
From the moment we started I somehow felt my back straighten immediately, something was keeping my spine straight while she worked with me to cleanse my aura of low energy.
It is rare to find someone so grounded but also so understanding of divine spiritual love. My only constructive criticism would be to explore a greater understanding of mental every day mental health alongside her spiritual healing as I feel this would help her attract clients that are less in tune with their spiritual side.


New Jersey

I really loved and appreciated my reading with Sarah. She gave me an aura clearing and DNA upgrade. I had read on her website that she did this but I didn't really know how it worked. I realized she helps you in clearing and healing yourself with guided visualization.
Although I knew she was definitely helping because I could feel the changes through out the process. By the end I felt very clear, peaceful and grounded. She also was able to tell me my star origins and what ET group I had some contact with, which I had been wondering about for years!
I had an hour session with her and it went by so fast. I will definitely love to have another session with her in the future. I am still using the visualization/meditation she gave me and I have been doing it every day since.
Thank you so much Sarah! She's doing great and beautiful work on this planet and wish her the absolute best.

Uni Manni

New York

My session with Sarah was amazing, the hour went by so fast while she guided me to use colors and light in my daily practice. I have been doing the energy work she taught me nearly every day for myself and my son.
She showed me how to support my son energetically because he had been having a lot of difficulty transitioning to school. Since starting these practices, my son has made a lot of improvements. He no longer seems overwhelmed or stressed by his environment. His after-school counselor told us that one day, my son had changed. He was doing great! I was so relieved and comforted by this.
Almost every day, I do the exercises she taught me and I have experienced higher states in my meditation and have experienced a general well-being in my daily life. Thank you, Sarah!

Bev Sabattis

Toronto, Canada

Very grateful to have had a Skype session from Sarah.
Still doing the meditation she took me through. Also working on those in my life and those that passed to clear and clean energy connections.
Thank you Sarah. Much respect and gratitude!!!

Megan C

Apex NC

During my session with Sarah, she worked on my heart chakra.
By the end, my heart felt open and free for the first time that I can remember.
And even more amazing, weeks later, it still feels open.

Teany Hidalgo

New York

I found Sarah's reading very helpful and it did acknowledge some known relationship issues and ways to release them, as well as some physiological things I need to resolve.
I am still waiting on her to send me an email with the tips she recommended for me to resolve heavy metals etc.
I also found her visualizations really helpful to release energies and I still use them now. I just wish I had it recorded so I can remember everything that was discussed.

Erica Phillips

Racine WI

I could not be happier with the reading I had with Sarah Adams. She is an amazing person inside and out. Sarah taught me to clean my aura, ground my energy to the earth and pull in any light colors I was missing.
She taught me to pull kundalini energy up through the base of my spine and did a DNA activation as well. Then we did some work on my heart and liver. When working with my heart she mentioned my mother who had died 11 years ago from cancer. Sarah knew she was a soul that never blossomed. So we sent my mom unconditional love so she can move on.
I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to grow spiritually and experience healing. Sarah is an inspiration for all. Much Love.

John Kelly

San Diego

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the one and only Sarah R Adams. She is a true divine goddess healer and priestess who really hones in on what work needs to be done for her clients.
She takes the time to listen to her clients and makes sure that you are getting what you need. The first issue she found in me was how much I contained other peoples' energy in my aura, I am highly empathic. She guided me into doing some energy exercises while activating my DNA (Forever grateful for this). When Sarah did her etheric surgery, I felt like I had burned off a lot of negative attachments and immediately felt a warming sensation in my body.
She is ever so kind and makes sure that your questions can be answered. I sincerely hope to learn how to do some of the techniques she did on my energetic body to help others heal themselves. I made sure that I wrote everything she told me down, so I would not forget what the divine goddess told me.
P.S. It would be so cool if Sarah made guided meditation tracks, just a suggestion. Thank You and Many Hearts x Infinity for the service you do for humanity/huwomanity--It is more than appreciated!


New York

I recently signed up for a one hour reading with Sarah. It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to remove blockages and elevate their frequency.
Unlike other readings with other metaphysical channels or mediums who predict the future, for our session Sarah focused on working in tandem with me to heal my physical and spiritual bodies. I participated in the healing as her guided visualizations focused on areas in my body and emotional issues that needed attention. Towards the end of the hour she upgraded my DNA. This was amazing and I felt different afterwards (in a good way once I got my bearings after standing).
Since our session, my emotions remained at a more even keel. I am now subconsciously checking myself whenever situations occur where I feel my emotions begin to rise. Now, becoming angry is discomforting versus how I felt prior to her working on my chakras and upgrading my DNA.
I highly recommend working with Sarah R. Adams. She has a very loving spirit with a soft ;energy that will help you heal yourself. Most of all, I believe she is here to help us.

John Kelly

From the beginning, Sarah was so kind and sweet about letting me know what work I needed. She has a familiarity with people and knows how to tap into their true essence and bring out information that can best serve your spiritual path.
Ms. Adams is a true master of core energetic's work. She guided me in activation of my DNA and Kundalini. I can still feel the effects a day later. I am so grateful for booking a healing session with Sarah and would recommend anyone who needs healing work done to purchase a session with her.
Sincerely, I hope Sarah can come up with downloadable meditation tracks. Thank You SO MUCH and LOVE!


I am so thankful and grateful for discovering Sarah Adams.
It is so rare to find someone who is able to connect and truly tune into what is going on with you on all levels/layers.
Sarah is able to assimilate and appropriate interconnections among a person’s physiological, psychological and ethereal aspects/vibrations and their individual and combined effects on each other.
Sarah’s gift shines so brightly; she is truly connected to source and will provide the progressive realization and ensure proper amelioration for your spirit, soul and body.
She can also tune in to what is in harmony as well as what is in dissonance within the various systems.
I have never encountered anyone able to connect the body, mind and spirit in this manner. I am so grateful for her. She is making the world a better place and has helped me tremendously in just the couple of sessions we have had.
I only hope that as I heal I am able to give back to her and others as giving back and spreading love, light and kindness is why we are all here together in this beautiful place.
I highly encourage you to work with Sarah if you are encountering any purtubations and/or issues that you are having a challenges/difficulties with as she can provide guidance, insight, clarity and directives.
Everything is in our experience for our growth and evolution.
Thank you, Sarah for making the world a better place; you are such a blessing to everyone in your path. I pray you are constantly wrapped in love, light and peace.
Stay positive everyone and God bless!


New York

Sarah is legit, did not know what to expect from this reading.
The energy work she does is profound and it is clear that she puts her heart into this work for people.
Her understanding and insight helps bring in your own higher self awareness, and I feel lucky to have come in contact with her.


Geneva Switzerland

I saw Sarah on Gaia and loved her message, I followed her on Facebook and her posts resonated with me very deeply. I decided to contact her to have an online session. It was wonderful - the energy flow, the cleansing, the DNA upgrades (even if I did not understand all of it since I don’t speak “energy”). Sarah is caring and loving and I felt it even on opposite side of the pond.
One recommendation though: avoid evening sessions – the increased energy may prevent you from falling asleep ;-) Thank you Sarah! I look forward to more!
Sarah also told me that she'd send me information about the online course she offers. I would be very much interested in participating. And look forward to receiving more details.

Monika Jones

I booked a session with Sarah after seeing her on Beyond Belief with George Noory, and I'm so happy that I did. After having worked with other intuitive readers in the past, I am so honoured that someone with Sarah's insight, kindness and genuine ability is choosing to offer her services to help those of us in spiritual need. She picked up on specific nuances of my situation without being told which were so helpful and did energy work during our session which left me feeling energised and uplifted. Her "sight" is spot on and there's no doubt in my mind that she is truly a remarkably gifted individual. I recommend Sarah highly and consider it a great privilege to work with her-thank you again!

Natalie Denis

New York

Sarah is out of this world in so many ways. I am quite sceptical of healers, but she is the real deal-- I knew then when I saw her own self-healing (via her videos over time going from being drained from tragedy to the vibrant glowing beautiful angelic woman she is today).
Sarah removed energy attachments that were draining me no matter how much I elevated my self through diet, meditation etc. After that, all the work I did on myself became so much more profound; she helped me heal so rapidly. Her work on auric holes, DNA, cellular upgrades, chakra work had amazing effects in so many areas. My energy, vibration, and perception are really accelerating and I can not thank Sarah enough.

Heather Driscoll

After watching Sarah on Beyond Belief with George Noory, I immediately booked a session with her. I didn't really know what to expect, as she is so gifted in all aspects of metaphysics, but holy cow did she blow me out of the water with her energy work! She showed me an amazing technique she uses to raise your vibration. At the end of my hour with her I was literally vibrating my energy was so high! She also did work in my auric and other fields around my body. She is so gifted and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal and raise their vibration. I will be taking classes from her and learning more!

Jasmine Law-Keeney

I have spoken to other mediums before, but this was a completely different experience. Sarah focused on me and my ailments that I have been dealing with. Things that I haven’t been able to pinpoint why they are happening in my body and she just tuned into all of it. She gave me super helpful information on how to start to heal myself. I am feeling optimistic after my reading that my health is on the upswing. I feel super fortunate that I came across Sarah and all her information. I look forward to working with her in the future!!!

Vadim Bogdan

First off, Sarah is such a beautiful and giving soul. I loved that the first thing Sarah did was related to physical health. She tuned into my energy field and saw the things my body needs adjustments/improvements on. While we were speaking she texted me a list of the supplements to buy and use for the next few months. I understand that you can't achieve high level spirituality without having a healthy and vibrant body. My body needs to be able to handle higher frequencies for the work I'm here to do. The next thing that Sarah did was that she tuned in into my Aura and made some adjustments there. Did a DNA upgrade and gave me some tools to work with until our next session. I decide to have Sara as my spiritual coach and I feel aligned with her teachings.

Lynne Heuermann

I was amazed at Sarah’s accuracy regarding my health in the first 5 minutes of the reading. I had known something wasn’t quite right with my body but just couldn’t put my finger on it, and tests had come up inconclusive. Sarah picked up on the problem straight away and since then I have made some slight changes in my diet which is already making a huge difference to my health and vitality.
Sarah also cleared out my energy systems of debris and removed old cords of attachments that were holding me back. She then upgraded my third eye and my DNA. I felt pulses of energy around my third eye while Sarah was doing this, it also gave me a tingling sensation as it swirled around my whole system, a truly awesome experience. After that Sarah then worked on all 12 of my Chakras. Wow, what a difference. I feel lighter and my thoughts are so much more positive, without having to focus, it’s just happening easily and effortlessly. One of the people who I was having some issues with came to visit me the next day after my session, and for the first time in a long time it did not end in a fight, which is totally amazing. I’m also sleeping really well and have had some amazing dreams over the last few nights. My connection to my spirit guides and angels has also increased quite dramatically and the telepathic communication between us is a lot easier. It was also nice to have Sarah confirm all the different groups of beings I am currently working with. I can’t thank you enough Sarah, my life has definitely changed for the better in such positive and uplifting ways since I connected with you and I’m really looking forward to our next journey together.

Jennifer Riley

I would really like to thank you mille fois for our consultation the other day. I am enjoying putting into practice your recommendations.
I would also like to send you some info that may be of interest to you. I came across Morley Robbins 6 months ago. He is a conspiracy theorist and I find his work incredible.

Mike Liang

I've just finished the session with Sarah. The session was a very wonderful and spiritual experience. Sarah was a legit intuitive healer. It turned out to be a lot more than what I was looking for - a very thorough and complete coverage of my issues / past lives / karma / healing. Sarah is an amazing being and full of love and compassion. I left the session in peace and joy and will focus on the work i need to do to recover and thrive.

Sean FM

In my 25 years of experience with mediums, psychic healers and spiritual coaches, I am overjoyed to report that Sarah is as authentic as it gets. Her no nonsense, yet very sensitive approach is refreshing in an arena of often conflicting perspectives. I Highly recommend contacting her for direction and/ or reflections on whatever issues you need insight and support with. I’m so overjoyed to have had contact with her.


​Sarah's channelling ability to target ailing, painful parts of the body and energetically preform reiki healing on my back provided both emotional support and restored me physically. She also pinpointed past childhood trauma stored in this area which remained dormant until recently. Her advice pertaining to herbal teas, vitamins, minerals and foods to add to my daily intake were impressive and healing. The world is blessed to have Sarah share her gifts.



Being someone that has come across multiple psychics, I’ve never come across someone so gracious, genuine and authentic! Sarah’s energy is so powerful, her ability to tap into so many aspects such as nutritional deficiencies, past life healing etc in just a single reading illustrates the power of this profound gift she possesses. I’m so grateful that she is able to share these abilities with so many people.

Melissa Rees

Somerset UK

As an individual who has been to see a lot of psychics at last I have found my Psychic for life! This was by far the most in depth reading I have ever had, true to Sarah's heart, was so generous. The reading covered a vast amount of information, which Sarah happily divulged. It was wonderful to connect with a pioneering rising star, in the field of multidimensional esoterics. It felt like I had connected with a very old friend. So very easy to talk to about personal subjects I needed guidance with, it was a worthy investment I felt I should have paid more for the council I received. From Atlantis, crystals, oils, numerous past lives, incense, cleansing rituals, removal of negative objects, attachments, cutting chords, healing, E.T encounters, Acturus, colour therapy, nutrition this was the best experience I've invested in to date! I can not wait until my next reading with this beautifully ancient soul X Thank you Sarah X

Raquel Ward

Tafe Townsville, Australia

I had a healing with Sarah July 2017. Sarah gave me a healing using crystals and intuition. I know everything in my life happens all perfectly, including having Sarah heal me with energies beyond my knowing. I feel I will grow using the instructions she has given me and feel my health becoming stronger each day.
I highly recommend a session with Sarah as you will get more than you ever anticipated including hearing who u were in past lives to knowing who you are today.

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